ERO recommends that school leaders:

  • evaluate the impact of their initiatives to improve Māori students’ presence, engagement and achievement, and use this information in their self review[27]
  • provide leadership, support, encouragement and professional development for trustees, senior managers and teachers to build their capability in implementing policies and practices that promote success for Māori students
  • support teachers in implementing effective pedagogical practices for Māori
  • familarise themselves with Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success and use it in their thinking, planning and action for Māori learners
  • continue to review their school curricula to ensure that these reflect the aspirations and needs of Māori students and are inclusive of principles of The New Zealand Curriculum
  • improve school practices for assessment for learning, including rigorous analysis of student achievement data for school planning and reporting purposes
  • use a variety of ways to engage parents and whānau regularly and involve them in students’ learning.

ERO recommends that the Ministry of Education:

  • continue to work with schools to increase leaders’ and teachers’ understanding of how to use Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success as a basis for promoting success for Māori students.