Appendix 1: Glossary of Terms

Host School* The school that receives resources from the Ministry of Education to provide an Activity Centre programme.

Cluster of Schools* All other state or state integrated schools in the geographic vicinity [of an Activity Centre] with secondary aged students.

Enrolling School* A member of the cluster of schools that has a student on its roll attending an Activity Centre [or could potentially enrol students in that Activity Centre].

Management Committee A group of representatives from several enrolling schools, the host school, and sometimes from the community, who help the director to set the direction for the Activity Centre, ensure that the centre is effectively managed, and monitor that the Activity Centre is achieving the goals that have been set.

Individual Education Plan (IEP) A plan, developed collaboratively by a range of people who have expertise and an interest in promoting the student’s progress, that: “records the student’s current strengths and successes; identifies a few clear, achievable, measurable goals that build on current strengths and reflect next learning steps; identifies success criteria for each goal [set in the IEP process]; identifies opportunities for the student to engage with new ideas and practise new learning”; [and the points in time when the plan will be reviewed].[8]

*Definitions sourced from the Activity Centre Policy Toolkit, (Ministry of Education, 2011)