Next steps

The Ministry of Education should:

  • promote increased awareness and use of the Activity Centre Policy Toolkit
  • support Activity Centre clusters to access tailored professional learning and development, at the individual cluster level related to IEPs, assessment, curriculum development, careers education, strategic planning and self review
  • work with the Ministries of Health and Social Development to establish a coordinated approach to improve the health and wellbeing of students placed in Activity Centres.

Te Aho o Te Kura Pounamu – The Correspondence School should:

  • review the extent to which its programmes and associated liaison with staff in Activity Centres is contributing to positive outcomes for students.

Activity Centre clusters should:

  • develop and implement strategic planning that focuses on improving students’ social and educational outcomes
  • include, as part of their planning, targeted professional development for Activity Centre staff, that is informed by the priorities identified in their individual Centre reports and this report
  • ensure there are robust self-review processes in place to inform ongoing improvement
  • ensure high quality management, reporting and support processes are implemented across the cluster, consistent with the Activity Centre Policy Toolkit
  • ensure that all enrolling schools provide high quality support to students in line with the guidelines in the Activity Centre Policy Toolkit.