Next steps

ERO recommends that the Ministry of Education:

  • design the ALiM and ALL inquiry’s refocus stage to reflect the urgency needed to:
    • change the instruction for students whose achievement had not accelerated even though they were part of the focus group
    • support another group of students to accelerate progress
    • support other teachers to trial successful aspects.
  • support ALiM and ALL providers to ensure that at the outset of the focus on acceleration the school improvement plans include how leaders will transfer what they learn so more students benefit.
  • review a school’s initial response to ALiM or ALL when they apply for a second time to determine whether this initiative is the most appropriate support the Ministry can provide and to differentiate the response.

ERO recommends that AliM and ALL providers:

  • explore how to transfer the learning about accelerating progress to in‑depth and long‑term PLD so schools with very high underachievement and low capability would be better served.

ERO recommends that school leaders:

  • design and implement improvement plans that include both short-term tactical responses and long-term preventative responses to underachievement
  • ensure there is a shared understanding that an intensive inquiry into accelerating progress includes an expectation that all teachers will critique the effectiveness of their practice and make changes where necessary
  • appoint an inquiry team with the mandate to lead the focus on reviewing progress and acceleration, and improving school practices
  • ensure there is a shared understanding among teachers about expected progress and achievement by developing student profiles
  • ensure students, and their parents and whānau are invited to participate in the design and evaluation of all supplementary supports.

ERO recommends that boards of trustees:

  • seek detailed reports about student progress, acceleration and achievement
  • seek frequent and regular information about transfer and sustainability of successful initiatives.