Next steps

ERO recommends that the Ministry of Education:

  • disseminates effective practice and provides support materials to encourage teachers and schools to, not only improve mentoring and support for students, but also improve curriculum opportunities so programmes are engaging and respond to each student’s strengths, interests, needs and aspirations
  • continues to support schools to develop expertise in analysing a range of student data, identify suitable responses, implement these strategies and monitor their effectiveness.

ERO recommends that schools:

  • use this report’s findings, conclusion and indicators to review the quality of their overall approach to improving student achievement
  • review and develop their curriculum to provide opportunities that are engaging and more creatively respond to the individual strengths, interests, needs and aspirations of all students
  • develop programmes that target underachieving students and ensure that effective pastoral, careers and curricula responses are in place to help these students reach their potential
  • regularly review their strategies for target groups of students, and determine which approaches are working and which should be discontinued.