The Education Review Office (ERO) first introduced evaluation indicators in 2003, revising them in 2010. This new version reflects a deepening understanding of how schools improve, and the role that evaluation plays in that process. It also reflects a strengthened relationship between ERO’s approaches to evaluation in English-medium and Māori-medium settings. The evaluation indicators and supporting materials will evolve and change over time in the light of new research and evaluation findings.

In undertaking this latest review and revision we have drawn on the expertise of key New Zealand academics: Distinguished Professor Viviane Robinson, Professor Helen Timperley, Associate Professor Mere Berryman, Dr Cathy Wylie and Dr Claire Sinnema. Dr Lorna Earl’s advice about the selection and use of evaluation indicators has also been invaluable. The work of Dr Adrienne Alton-Lee and contributors to the Best Evidence Synthesis Programme is at the heart of the organising framework for the indicators and the indicators themselves. These experts, together with education leaders and teachers, have provided feedback and advice throughout the development process.

We have also been able to interrogate the framework for the evaluation indicators using a series of case studies. We investigated how schools used evaluation and inquiry to improve outcomes, particularly for Māori and Pacific students. These case studies enabled us to identify the key domains and evaluation indicators at work. They also demonstrated how, in each school, the domains worked together in a coherent manner to promote improved professional practice and outcomes.

School Evaluation Indicators: Effective Practice for Improvement and Learner Success is supported by Effective School Evaluation: How to do and use evaluation for improvement (a resource published jointly by ERO and the Ministry of Education), and Internal Evaluation: Good Practice. Together, these three publications are designed to support the development of evaluation capacity across the education system.

The indicators are designed for use by schools when engaging in internal evaluation and by ERO evaluators when doing external evaluations.

Iona Holsted

Chief Review Officer

Education Review Office

July 2016