Appendix 1: ERO reports referred to in this publication


 Vocational Pathways: Authentic and Relevant Learning (May)



Raising Student Achievement Through Targeted Actions (December)


Effective School Evaluation: How To Do and Use Internal Evaluation for Improvement (November)

Internal Evaluation: Good Practice (November)

Educationally Powerful Connections with Parents and Whanau (November)

Secondary-Tertiary Programmes (Trades Academies): What Works and Next Steps (June)

Continuity of Learning: Transitions from Early Childhood Services to Schools (May)

Careers Education and Guidance: Good Practice (May)

Wellbeing for Young People's Success at Secondary School (February)

Wellbeing for Children's Success at Primary School (February)



Raising Achievement in Primary Schools (June)

Raising Achievement in Secondary Schools (June)

Towards Equitable Outcomes in Secondary Schools: Good Practices (May)

Supporting School Improvement Through Effective Teacher Appraisal (May)

Supporting School Improvement Through Effective Principal Appraisal (May)



Making Connections for Pacific Learners' Success (November)

Accelerating the Progress of Priority Learners in Primary Schools (May)

Mathematics in Years 4 to 8: Developing a Responsive Curriculum (February)

Secondary Schools: Pathways for Future Education, Training and Employment (July)



Evaluation at a Glance: Priority Learners in New Zealand Schools (August)

Teaching as Inquiry: Responding to Learners (July)

The New Zealand Curriculum Principles: Foundations for Curriculum Decision-Making (July)



Directions for Learning: The New Zealand Curriculum Principles, and Teaching as Inquiry (May)

Evaluation at a Glance: What ERO Knows About Effective Schools (March)



Promoting Success for Maori Students School's Progress (June)



Managing Professional Learning and Development in Primary Schools (May)



Partners in Learning: Parents' Voices (September)