Questions about using student achievement information

What should trustees do with student achievement information?

  • You will be asked to approve expenditure for resources and professional development that helps children learn and be safe. Student achievement information should be used to make these decisions.
  • You are expected to know how your school is supporting students who have additional learning needs, including gifted and talented students. The board is dependent on the principal and teachers to give it this information. As a trustee, it is part of your role to discuss and approve strategies to help these students.
  • You need to ask why leaders believe the proposed expenditure will improve teaching and learning. These reasons may be based on particular research, or previous experience with the resource or programme. The board needs to be sure that the money will be effectively spent on those children who need help the  most.
  • If the board is asked to approve extra funding for teachers or teacher aides, you should ask about how this will allow more experienced classroom teachers to work with children needing additional support rather than the teacher aide.

How do you know if the school’s money was well spent?

  • The board should get a report about how well the funded resources worked. What were the achievement levels before and after the new resource was used? Did the school accelerate the achievement of targeted students?