Appendix 2: Self review questions for your school

1. How effectively is our school reviewing its provision for international students?

  • we monitor compliance with the Code effectively to ensure all requirements are met
  • we report annually to the Ministry of Education on the results of our self review
  • our BOT receives annual reports based on self review and strategic planning of the international programme
  • our review process is based on analysis of a range of information about students’ welfare, academic progress, and social integration.

2. What is the quality of pastoral care received by our international students?

  • our international students receive appropriate support services from a person or persons designated with the pastoral care responsibility for international students
  • our international students are welcomed and given effective orientation advice
  • our international students’ accommodation and pastoral needs are regularly monitored and met.

3. What is the quality of education across the curriculum received by our international students?

  • our international students are accurately assessed on entry, placed in appropriate courses and classes, and experience high quality teaching
  • our international students receive appropriate levels of support with the English language, whether it is in ESOL classes, withdrawal or in-class support
  • our international students are regularly assessed and receive useful feedback about their progress across the curriculum
  • our international students make expected rates of progress in academic studies, and achieve their learning goals
  • our international senior students achieve qualifications in the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and other qualifications, for example, International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
  • our international students make successful transitions to post-secondary programmes, or further education and training
  • our staff have professional learning and development in teaching speakers of other languages.

4 To what extent are our international students involved in, and integrated into, our school community?

  • our international students are involved in school activities, enjoy their New Zealand schooling experience and make New Zealand friends
  • our international students share aspects of their own cultural backgrounds with other students at the school
  • our international students take part in activities in the local community
  • our international students have leadership opportunities
  • our New Zealand students and staff demonstrate cross-cultural awareness.