Appendix 4: Self-review questions

1. How effectively is the school reviewing its provision and outcomes for international students?

  • We review our performance annually and record the outcomes in a form that can be made available to the Ministry of Education if requested (s28.3 of the Code).
  • Our review process is ongoing and is based on analysis of a range of information about students’ welfare, academic progress, and social integration.
  • Our Board of Trustees receives annual reports based on self review and strategic planning of the international programme, which include student achievement information.
  • We provide opportunities for students to give anonymous or confidential feedback through an independent person.
  • We use our self-review findings to inform decisions and take action on our reviews where appropriate.
  • We monitor compliance with the Code effectively to ensure all requirements are met.
  • We have a system to monitor that Years 1 to 6 students are continuing to live with a parent.

2. How systematic is the school’s overall approach to enrolling international students?

  • We have a rationale and objectives for enrolling international students (IS).
  • We have developed and documented effective systems for providing for IS.
  • We understand our obligations and responsibilities for IS.
  • We have documented how we will provide for students’ welfare, academic progress and social integration and the intended outcomes.
  • Our strategic plan includes developing provision for IS.
  • We provide professional learning and development on cross-cultural understanding and supporting international students.
  • We have recognised/documented the value for our New Zealand students of having international students.

3. How effectively does the school provide pastoral care for international students?

  • Our international students are welcomed and given effective orientation advice.
  • Our international students receive appropriate support services from a person or persons designated with the pastoral care responsibility for international students.
  • Our international students’ accommodation and pastoral needs are regularly monitored and met.
  • Our students report that their pastoral care needs are met.
  • Our international students access other support within the school e.g. dean, guidance counsellor.

4. How effectively does the education programme respond to the aspirations, interest and needs of international students or their parents?

  • We have gathered information from students and/or their families about their aspirations for their time in New Zealand, and set appropriate challenging goals.
  • Our international students are accurately assessed on entry, and placed in appropriate courses and classes.
  • Our students have appropriate courses so they can achieve their learning goals and aspirations e.g. entry to university, or transition to further education.
  • Our international students receive appropriate levels of support with the English language, whether it is in ESL classes, withdrawal or in-class support.
  • Learning in ESL/withdrawal classes supports learning in mainstream classes.
  • Our international students are regularly assessed and receive useful feedback about their progress across the curriculum.
  • Our staff understand cultural contexts and how to support international students, and are positive about having international students in their classes.
  • Our staff have professional learning and development in teaching speakers of other languages.

5. How well do international students make progress and achieve?

  • Our students make good progress in their learning of English.
  • Our international students make expected rates of progress in academic studies, and achieve their learning goals.
  • Our international senior students achieve qualifications in the NQF and other qualifications, for example, IELTS, ELLP.
  • Our international students make successful transitions to further education and training, including university.

6. How effectively does the school integrate international students into the school and local community?

  • Our teachers facilitate interactions between international and domestic students in the classroom.
  • Our international students are involved in school activities, including EOTC.
  • Our international students enjoy their New Zealand schooling experience and make New Zealand friends.
  • We provide opportunities for our international students to share aspects of their own cultural backgrounds with other students at the school.
  • Our international students take part in activities in the local community.
  • Our international students have leadership opportunities.
  • Our New Zealand students and staff demonstrate cross-cultural awareness.