EROs evaluation framework

The evaluation approach built on school’s self review of their international student programme, and looked at how well schools monitor their own compliance with the Code.

ERO sought evidence for, and made judgements about, six evaluative questions:

  • How effectively is the school reviewing its provisions and outcomes for international students, and using this information for improvement?
  • How systematic is the school’s approach to enrolling international students?
  • How effectively does the school provide pastoral care for international students?
  • How effective is the education programme provided in responding to the aspirations, interests and needs of international students or their parents?
  • How well do international students progress and achieve?
  • How effective are the school’s practices to integrate international students into the school and local community?

Indicators and criteria were developed to provide reviewers with the basis for their overall judgement for each question (see Appendix Two). Appendix Three presents self-review questions schools can use.

Reviewers recorded examples of good practice or aspects where there may be risks for students. Reviewers comment on what is salient for each school and do not refer to every indicator. For this reason, the report does not include percentages of schools that meet each of the 46 indicators.

Reviewers based their judgement for each question on the school’s self-review information where it provided sufficient evidence. Reviewers were asked to indicate for each question whether they had used the school’s self-review information, their own investigation, or a combination of both.