Appendix 3: Self-review questions for schools

The school’s philosophy

  • To what extent is the school focused on ensuring that all students develop successful pathways to education, training and employment?
  • Is careers education a whole-school focus or something that is primarily the responsibility of a careers department?

The school’s structures and processes

  • What school-wide initiatives are aimed at supporting priority learners to access the curriculum, develop career management competencies, and establish suitable pathways to further education, training and employment?
  • To what extent do the school’s curriculum, pastoral and careers systems respond to students who may be at risk of not achieving NCEA Level 2 or of not developing a suitable pathway to further education, training and employment?
  • Does the school’s curriculum support a range of student pathways? How well are Youth Guarantee and the Vocational Pathways used to support individual student pathways?
  • Do all students have someone at school who effectively acts as a mentor and supports them to develop suitable goals, pathways and career management competencies?

Outcomes for students

  • How many of the school’s leavers have achieved NCEA Level 2 and above?
  • How many leavers go on to further education, training or employment? How well prepared are they? What feedback has the school received about how students are transitioning from school to education, training or employment?

Outside the school gate

  • What partnerships does the school have to support student learning? What other partnerships could be developed, with businesses and other education providers, to give students as many opportunities as possible?
  • What links does the school have with health and social agencies so that support can be accessed for students needing their services?
  • How well are families included in processes for understanding and developing student pathways, goals and learning opportunities?

Leadership and management

  • To what extent has the school’s leadership developed a clear vision for staff about how the school’s curriculum will respond to the diverse pathways of students?
  • How well has the school’s leadership used evidence to identify the changes that are needed to improve the responsiveness of the school?

Self review

  • Has the school drawn on tools such as the Careers Benchmarks to review careers education?
  • Has the school analysed its NCEA data and school leaver destinations to determine how they can make improvements for future students?
  • How well are the school’s structures and processes helping priority learners to achieve the qualifications needed to successfully access future training and employment?