Next steps

On the basis of this report, ERO will continue to investigate high quality schooling for priority learners in secondary schools.

ERO recommends that secondary schools:

  • use robust self review to determine the extent to which their curriculum, careers and pastoral care processes assist students to develop career management competencies and successful pathways from school
  • develop their curriculum and systems to ensure a focus on identifying and responding to the aspirations, strengths and needs of all students and their families or whānau
  • increasingly work with families, whānau and iwi to develop student pathways to education, training and employment
  • systematically engage local businesses as well as other community health, social and education agencies to suitably respond to each student’s future in education, training and employment
  • identify and implement the innovation required to support the pathways and success of priority learners, including the development of academic courses for Māori and Pacific learners.

ERO recommends that the Ministry of Education:

  • support secondary schools to develop more responsive school curricula, careers education and pastoral care systems that assist students to develop career management competencies
  • ensure that secondary schools, especially those with high proportions of priority learners, focus on working in partnership with their families and other agencies to ensure students have access to high quality social and health services while at secondary school.