New Zealand introduced the key competencies in The New Zealand Curriculum in 2007, in line with a global movement in education policy. This was in response to new demands placed on the current generation of students by technology shifts, future market-based demands and global challenges.

It is now timely for schools to refocus on how they build their students’ key competencies. One of the Ministry’s priorities for professional learning and development is local curriculum development. Designing the local curriculum should be an opportunity for schools to keep the NZC key competencies to the fore.

ERO recommends that the Ministry supports leaders and teachers to fully realise the potential of The New Zealand Curriculum through:

  • unpacking the key competencies to provide clarity for all teachers about their meaning
  • providing more resources, including examples of how to develop KCs in teaching practice.

Up-to-date guidance would provide direction for how to assimilate the KCs into local curricula and make necessary shifts in pedagogy.

This support should result in improved practice and opportunities for students to develop key competencies and achieve personal growth and academic success, enabling them to adapt to change and enhancing their lifelong learning.