In reporting the findings ERO refers to the broad categories of secondary schools and primary schools. The following school types are included in each category.

Table 1: School categories

Secondary schools

Years 7-15 Secondary schools


Years 9-15 Secondary schools

Composite schools

Years 1-15 Composite schools

Primary schools

Years 1-8 Full primary schools


Years 1-6 Contributing schools


Years 7-8 Intermediate schools

Eighty-two primary schools, 26 secondary schools and 5 composite schools were selected for this evaluation from the schedule of schools due for an ERO education review during Terms 3 and 4, 2011. In total, data was gathered from 120 primary, 80 secondary and 11 composite school classrooms. In sampling, consideration was given to achieving proportional numbers across year levels and, in secondary schools, to covering a wide range of school subjects. Further information about the numbers of observations at each year level, and in each subject area (in secondary and composite schools) is provided in Appendix 2.

Note: Schools were selected on the basis of a review schedule rather than by demographic selection, so the sample does not reflect the national percentages in terms of roll number, school decile group, school size, school locality and school type.