ERO evaluated the quality of assessment in all services where ERO carried out an education review in Term 3 and Term 4, 2006. The types of services and the locality are shown in Tables 3 and 4 below.

Table 3: Service Type

Service type Number Percentage of sample National percentage [22]
Education and Care Services 239 61 64
Free Kindergartens 101 26 20
Playcentres 49 13 16
Total 389 100 100

Table 3 shows that kindergartens were slightly over-represented in the sample. Playcentres and education and care services were slightly under-represented, in comparison to national figures. However, the differences between the sample and national figures were not statistically significant. [23]

Table 4: Locality of services

Locality Number Percentage of sample National percentage
Urban 357 92 91
Rural 32 8 9
Total 389 100 100

Table 4 shows that the numbers of urban and rural services in the sample were representative of national figures.

Data collection

Data collected by ERO during on-site evaluationsFor each service, ERO considered information from a variety of sources including:

  • self-review and programme philosophy information provided by the service;
  • service strategic plans;
  • service annual reports and assurance statements; and
  • other documentation including information held by ERO.

During the review, ERO also had discussions with:

  • the licensee;
  • the management team;
  • educators;
  • children; and
  • parents, whānau and the community, as appropriate.

For this evaluation, ERO also considered information from the following sources gathered during the on-site part of the education review:

  • educators’ programme planning, assessment and evaluation;
  • observations;
  • learning environments; and
  • examples of children’s learning.