Vocational Pathways provide coherent pathways to connect students from school to further education or employment.

In this report ERO evaluated how well 35 secondary schools were using Vocational Pathways. While most schools knew about and were using the pathways, they were not fully realising the initiative's potential. Vocational Pathways can be a valued part of a school's curriculum for all students when used as more than just an add-on to careers education or course-selection processes.

The report gives in-depth examples of how three schools are using the pathways - Forest View High School, Flaxmere College and Hauraki Plains College.

These three schools demonstrated creative and progressive approaches to using Vocational Pathways. Each school was at a different stage of designing their curriculum around the pathways but all three had realised that this was an ongoing process that involved the whole school. These three examples also tell the stories of really effective leadership.

The stories in this report provide explanation, and I think motivation, for other schools to fully embrace Vocational Pathways and to use them to offer relevant and authentic learning opportunities for all students.

Iona Holsted

Chief Review Officer Education Review Office

May 2016