Next steps

ERO recommends that secondary schools:

  • use Vocational Pathways to provide careers information and support students to select and plan courses
  • evaluate how well their current curriculum supports student engagement
  • consider how Vocational Pathways can support the design and implementation of a more relevant and integrated curriculum for all of their students
  • continue to build awareness of Vocational Pathways among their parents, whanau and wider communities.

ERO recommends that the Ministry of Education:

  • further promotes awareness of Vocational Pathways, particularly among whanau and employers
  • promotes awareness of the new Level 3 Vocational Pathway standards
  • reinforces the message that Vocational Pathways are applicable to all students, not just those who are at risk of underachieving
  • supports secondary schools to provide, or arrange for provision of, access to sector related standards for all students who are interested in obtaining a Vocational Pathways Award.