In April 2012, Prime Minister John Key, launched the Youth Mental Health Project. The project includes a package of 22 initiatives targeting young people aged 12-19 years with, or at risk of developing, mild to moderate mental health issues.

In support of the project, the Education Review Office (ERO) is carrying out an evaluation project to assist schools to promote and respond to student wellbeing. The evaluation will  be carried out in three stages. The first stage involves the development of a set of evaluation indicators for student wellbeing. The second stage involves a national evaluation of how schools promote student wellbeing in primary and secondary schools. The third stage of the project will involve a national good practice evaluation.

The indicators presented here will remain in draft until the national evaluation and good practice reports are complete. They will then be amended to take account of the good practice ERO identified in schools.

The indicators have been developed in consultation with health professionals, youth, tangata whenua, schools and the wider education  sector.

The document is set out in five sections:

  • Section One describes the desired outcomes for student wellbeing and principles to guide student wellbeing.
  • Section Two contains the Wellbeing Indicator Framework and the indicator tables.
  • Section Three describes inquiry and improvement processes to improve and respond to student wellbeing.
  • Section Four provides questions for schools to ask about their own school-wide processes and individual student wellbeing.
  • Section Five presents perspectives on student wellbeing.