The Education Review Office (ERO) independently reviews and reports on the quality of education in schools and early childhood services in New Zealand.

During 2013 ERO developed a set of evaluation indicators for student wellbeing for use in all mainstream primary and secondary schools. The development of the wellbeing indicators is one of the initiatives of the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health Project.

This document, Wellbeing for Success: Draft Evaluation Indicators for Student Wellbeing, contains the indicators that were developed following consultation with health professionals, youth, tangata whenua, schools and the wider education sector. It is also available online on ERO’s website.

Schools have an ethical, professional and legal responsibility to ensure that their practices promote the wellbeing of all students. This responsibility is outlined in the Code of Ethics for Registered Teachers and the Registered Teacher Criteria.

These expectations, together with NAG 5 which requires boards of trustees to provide a safe physical and emotional environment for students, lay down a strong and compelling challenge for all schools.

These draft indicators are the first iteration of a tool to support school leaders, trustees and teachers as they work to improve student wellbeing.

The indicators will remain in draft form until 2015, so there are opportunities for schools to give feedback on their use of the indicators during this time. On ERO’s website there is a link to a short survey for this.

Following on from the work on the draft indicators there will be a national evaluation.

This will be conducted by ERO in Term 1, 2014. It will look at how schools promote and respond to student wellbeing. The schools being reviewed, and others, can use the indicators to support self review of their own practice. The findings from ERO’s evaluation will be published in late 2014 and will provide further evidence of good practice to inform the final version of the indicators in 2015.

We welcome comments and suggestions from teachers, educators, leaders, managers and others in the education sector.


Rob McIntosh

Chief Review Officer (Acting)