Next steps

ERO recommends that the Ministry of Education continues to provide support for:

  • boards of trustees to help them fully understand their role and responsibilities related to the requirements of the National Administration Guidelines and the National Standards, in particular how the standards can assist them to set targets to raise achievement for all students
  • school leaders to help them understand the intent of the National Standards and what this means for their role in working with trustees, teachers and parents.

ERO recommends that school leaders support teachers to work with the National Standards by:

  • setting clear expectations about and increasing their opportunities for teachers to work collaboratively to make overall teaching judgements (OTJs) and engage in moderation discussions
  • making them aware of the school’s targets related to the National Standards and ensure they understand best practice strategies to respond to the targets in their teaching.

ERO recommends that teachers:

  • increase learners’ involvement in monitoring their progress towards meeting or exceeding the National Standards and identifying their next steps for learning
  • engage in meaningful conversations with students about how they can progress and achieve at or above the National Standards.