ABC Epsom - 02/08/2013

1 Background


A Supplementary Review is undertaken at the discretion of a National Manager, Review Services in the Education Review Office (ERO).

A supplementary review evaluates the extent and effectiveness of actions a centre has taken towards addressing issues specified in a previous education review and/or any additional areas identified since that review.

Terms of Reference

This supplementary review is based on an evaluation of the performance of the ABC Epsom governing body and management in relation to areas identified in the June 2011 ERO report or issues identified since that review. The terms of reference for this review are to investigate:

  • the quality of the programme
  • the quality of self review
  • the quality of management; and
  • any other issues that arise in the course of this review.

2 Evaluation Findings


ABC Epsom was last reviewed by ERO in 2011, when ERO identified concerns about aspects of the programme and the management of the centre. Since that time, the ABC organisation has been taken over by Kidicorp Ltd. In October 2012, a new manager was appointed, joining many of the original staff who still remain at the centre.

Kidicorp management and the new centre manager have begun the process of addressing the issues identified for improvement in the 2011 ERO report. There has been ongoing professional development for staff, and a focus on improving resources.

Areas of progress

Children and teachers enjoy friendly and respectful relationships. There is a calm tone to the programme and children choose their own activities for the majority of the day. Positive changes made to the environment encourage children’s engagement and stimulate conversations and learning opportunities. Teachers work closely with children to support their play. Ongoing reflection and review processes contribute to teachers’ understanding of effective teaching practice.

Teachers have made significant changes to assessment, planning and evaluation processes. Professional support from Kidicorp management has helped teachers to develop an effective planning cycle. This planning is based on what teachers know about children’s strengths and interests. Teachers are now able to promote more complex and challenging play for children. Learning stories and photographs of events and experiences in the programme are displayed for parent and child interest.

Teachers provide prompts throughout the environment to promote good foundations for children’s early literacy. Story reading is frequent and the environment is used to display examples of print and photographs relevant to children’s learning experiences. Conversation between teachers and children extends children’s vocabulary and encourages their thinking. Numeracy and science are beginning to be appropriately included in play.

Teachers now use te reo Māori naturally in the programme with children. Children are able to count and to sing waiata with fluency and enjoyment.

Kidicorp systems and expectations provide opportunities for teachers to take a proactive role in ensuring the smooth running of the centre. Teachers now show ownership of many aspects of centre operations including the development of their philosophy and the strategic and annual plans. They have also established effective team work. Training by Kidicorp has helped to change teachers’ awareness of the importance of their role with children.

Management of the centre is effective and efficient. Kidicorp personnel have addressed all areas of concern identified in the 2011 review report through professional development, appraisal processes and the expectation that self review will guide the need for improvement. Teachers are enjoying the opportunity to take ownership of their own progress and development.

Areas for further improvement

ERO and centre management agree that the next steps for teachers are to continue to strengthen:

  • the bicultural focus in the centre through exploration of local Māori history and a stronger focus on using te reo me ngā tikanga Māori with children
  • aspects of the planning cycle, such as recording learning stories that clearly link to plans and evaluation and show progress over time
  • the depth of self-review processes.

Next ERO Review

When is ERO likely to review the service again?

ERO is confident that the service is being managed in the interest of the children. Therefore ERO will review the service again as part of the regular review cycle.

Dale Bailey

National Manager Review Services

Northern Region

2 August 2013

3 Information about the Service


Epsom, Auckland

Ministry of Education profile number


Licence type

Education & Care Service

Licensed under

Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008

Number licensed for

50 children, including up to 16 aged under 2

Service roll


Gender composition

Boys 32

Girls 28

Ethnic composition

NZ European/Pākehā



South East Asian

Other European


Other Asian












Percentage of qualified teachers


Review team on site

June 2013

Date of this report

2 August 2013

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