ACG Strathallan - 28/11/2011


On the basis of the information obtained during the review, ERO considers that ACG Strathallan continues to meet the criteria for registration as a private school set out in the Education Act 1989.

1 Background

The Chief Review Officer has a statutory duty to report on the performance of private schools throughout New Zealand.

Section 35I of the Education Act 1989, requires the Education Review Office (ERO) to review fully registered private schools, and to report to the Ministry of Education on whether each school continues to meet the criteria for full registration.

This review report was prepared in accordance with standard procedures approved by the Chief Review Officer.

2 Criteria for Registration

ACG Strathallan School and College is an independent co-educational school managed by the Academic Colleges Group (ACG). Situated in Karaka, Auckland, on the Hingaia Peninsula, ACG Strathallan caters for students in the school from Years 1 to 6 and in the college from Years 7 to 13. The school and college share the same attractive rural site.

The college continues to provide opportunities for senior students to gain academic qualifications through Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), the National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA) and some University of Auckland papers. The school continues to offer Cambridge International Primary Programmes (CIPP) in English, mathematics and science and uses The New Zealand Curriculum as the basis for all other subjects.

Students benefit from caring, cooperative and respectful relationships with their teachers and with each other. Students appreciate the family-focused learning environment that is evident throughout ACG Strathallan. A strong pastoral care network, which includes tutor groups and deans, supports students and promotes their emotional well-being. The house system, combined with opportunities for students to participate in community initiatives, contributes to the positive culture.

Students are highly engaged in their learning and are motivated to achieve and succeed. Teachers have high expectations for students’ learning and behaviour and ensure that optimum use is made of student learning time. Students make very good progress during their time at the school and college. ACG Strathallan continues to be justifiably proud of its outstanding achievement results in Cambridge examinations. Parents are involved in making decisions about their children’s learning and receive regular and timely information about students' achievement and progress.

ACG Strathallan’s curriculum caters for the diverse needs and interests of learners. Students experience a broad curriculum that is designed in response to their various talents, strengths and interests. Alongside its strong, core academic programme, the college has continued to expand teaching programmes to include Mandarin, classics, thinking skills and drama. There continues to be a strong focus on literacy and numeracy from Years 1 to 10, and students in Years 1 to 6 receive specialist teaching in music, science, art and physical education. Students, throughout the school and college, have opportunities to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities and to undertake leadership roles.

Teachers are well qualified subject specialists. They are respected as professionals and continue to engage in regular professional learning and development. The ACG appraisal system provides teachers with valuable encouragement to reflect on their own performance and to extend their professional practice.

High quality equipment and resources support teaching and learning programmes throughout the school and college. Effective management of the premises ensures that buildings are attractive, safe and functional. Property development since the 2008 ERO report includes provision of a new arts and technology block with high quality facilities for the arts, and design and technology. The old library has been transformed into a student cafeteria.

A new executive principal has been appointed to ACG Strathallan since the 2008 ERO review. The principal is well respected as an inclusive, collaborative and professional leader. The school’s managers have attested that they comply with the provisions of s35G of the Education Act 1989 in relation to being fit and proper persons to manage the school.

3 Other Statutory Obligations

Appropriate systems are in place to enable ACG Strathallan's managing body to be assured that its other statutory obligations are met.

4 Other Matters

Provision for international students

ACG Strathallan School and College is a signatory to the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (the Code) established under section 28F of the Education Act 1989. At the time of this review there were fifty international students attending the college and two attending the school. ACG Strathallan has attested that it complies with all aspects of the Code. ERO’s investigations confirmed that the school’s self-review process for international students is thorough.

ACG Strathallan continues to provide schooling for international students from Years 1 to 13. It has well developed policies and procedures and provides high quality pastoral care and academic support for international students. These students are well supported during their time at school. International students are appropriately placed in subjects that suit their interests, strengths and English learning needs. They are supported to make good progress and to achieve entrance to tertiary study in New Zealand and overseas.

International students are encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities and are represented in student leadership. The international student dean provides good support and professional learning and development for teachers. Good communication systems support home stay carers, parents and teachers in their care for the students.

All accommodation is organised through the ACG Student Accommodation and Welfare Services centre. Staff ensure thorough monitoring of and regular visits to home-stay providers.

5 Conclusion

On the basis of the information obtained during the review, ERO considers that ACG Strathallan continues to meet the criteria for registration as a private school set out in the Education Act 1989.

Richard Thornton
National Manager Review Services
Northern Region

About the School


Karaka, Papakura

Ministry of Education profile number


School type

Private School - Composite (Years 1 to 15)



School roll


Number of international students


Gender composition

Boys 53%

Girls 47%

Ethnic composition

NZ European/Pākehā


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September 2011

Date of this report

28 November 2011

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