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Eden Campus is a learning-centred environment where the concept of ‘education for all’ is embraced and honoured. Very effective leadership ensures a well-managed unit. Students benefit from teachers who are skilled in supporting them to achieve success. Students are highly engaged in their learning and have access to high quality services.

ERO is likely to carry out the next review in three years.

1 Background

Eden Campus is an attached unit of Auckland Girls’ Grammar School. There are currently 24 Ministry of Education funded TPUs operating across New Zealand. TPUs provide a flexible and supportive environment for teenagers who are parents or are about to become parents. Attendance at a TPU gives students an opportunity to continue their education and develop the best possible pathway for their future and the future of their children.

ERO reviews all of the TPUs every three years. Each unit receives an individual report outlining areas of good performance and areas for further development. The terms of reference for these reviews are set out below. The findings across each of the TPUs contribute to a national report by ERO which presents findings about the overall quality of all TPUs.

Terms of Reference

The evaluation focus for ERO’s review of Teen Parent Units is:

How effective are the TPUs in promoting and supporting positive outcomes for students?

In the context of this review, student outcomes include their educational, social, health and wellbeing outcomes. It also includes student destination outcomes, and the success students have in transitioning from the TPU to further education, training or employment.

The terms of reference for the evaluation of TPUs are the:

  1. quality of individual support for each student (including IEPs and educational, pastoral and careers processes)
  2. educational and social outcomes for each student (including the quality of the teaching and the TPU’s self review)
  3. relationship with the base school (including the governance and management of the TPU)
  4. transitions of students into and out of the TPU.

2 Findings


What are the important features of this TPU that have an impact on student outcomes?

Eden Campus is located in Mt Eden, Auckland and operates out of a two-story renovated Victorian house. It is within walking distance to Mt Eden village. The school provides education for teenage parents from the wider Auckland area until they are 19 years of age. At the time of the ERO evaluation, 18 teen parents were on the roll, comprising 9 Maori, 6 NZ European/Pākehā, 2 Samoan and 1 Chinese young women.

The board and teen parent unit manager have responded well to the findings from ERO’s 2013 report. A greater emphasis is placed on student wellbeing which is seen as equally important to academic achievement. There is a growing focus on individual vocational pathways. The manager and staff continue to build culturally responsive practices throughout the programme.

The unit continues to have positive relationships with the host school. The newly appointed Auckland Girls’ Grammar School principal is establishing constructive working relationships with the manager of the teen parent unit.

Significant features of the unit include very well organised systems and processes and a culture that places importance on educating the student so they can educate their child. Attention is given to student achievement including a focus on their child’s learning development as a strategy to motivate the student.

Student outcomes

What does this TPU know about outcomes for individual students?

Eden Campus sets high expectations for students. The school’s achievement information shows that students are achieving very well. Most gain academic qualifications including completing the National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA) Levels 1, 2, 3 and university entrance.

Teachers work closely with students and track and monitor their progress carefully. Multi-level teaching enables students to work at their own level and pace. Teachers ensure there is a balance between academic, personal and wellbeing goals. Parenting skills are promoted and, in the last three years, there has been a growing emphasis on health and wellbeing outcomes for students.

Students are supported to respect themselves and others. They establish goals for themselves and their child which are visible in the classrooms. These goals along with student achievement charts and displays are a constant reminder and motivator to encourage student progress and success.

Teachers have a very good knowledge of where students move on to. Past students often return to the unit to share successes and become role models for current students.

Leadership, management and organisation

How effective is the leadership, management and organisation of this TPU?

Eden Campus is a very well managed organisation. Clear documentation, expectations and routines result in a settled, well-structured and resourced environment. This is supported by responsive teaching practices.

A clear philosophy statement guides systems, approaches and strategies. Values are highly visible throughout the environment and students are encouraged to live these in order for their child to see them in action. Staff and students use the whakatāuki, ‘Ma Te Huruhuru Ka Rere Te Manu – Adorn the bird with feathers so it can fly’, as their touchstone. The valuing of everyone’s contribution is an asset of the campus.

A highly valued relationship between the teen parent unit and the early learning service supports students’ sense of security and is integral to the units philosophy and programme. Clear parameters are in place for students when interacting with the early learning service (ELS). As a result, trusting relationships are formed between staff and student.

Documentation shows very good annual planning which is concise and evaluative. It reflects and reinforces a strong focus on high expectations and achievement for students. The teen parent unit is acknowledged as part of the host school strategic plan.

Eden Campus is responsive and improvement focused. Ongoing self review ensures teachers keep up to date with the different needs of the students. Staff are aware of the Ministry of Education (MoE) Outcome Framework and Guidelines as well as being connected to regional and national networks.

The manager and teachers are well qualified and understand moderation, appraisal and current best practice. They attend professional learning development at the host school and keep up to date with subject knowledge, professional associations and teen parent unit conferences.


What is the quality of the curriculum at this TPU?

Students benefit from a well-designed broad curriculum. They enrol with the host school and Te Aho o Kura Pounamu, the Correspondence School, (Te Kura) for academic courses. External providers work with students to offer programmes that address social, health and wellbeing issues.

The curriculum features enhanced learning experiences which align with the academic and wellbeing programmes. Students have opportunities to visit art galleries, theatres, cultural festivals, sculpture walks and nearby local attractions.

The school environment effectively supports student learning. Teachers have ensured that it is attractive, purposeful and meaningful for students. Numerous photos of students and their children encourage and motivate students to focus on their learning.

Teachers are skilled practitioners and support students to achieve success. They understand the complexities surrounding teen parents and respectfully work alongside students. Individual learning plans are co-constructed with the teacher and student.

Very sound assessment and moderation processes are evident. Teachers work closely with the host school and Te Kura to ensure robust systems are in place.

Student support, engagement and transitions

How well does this TPU support and promote student engagement and success?

Good systems are in place to enrol students. Whānau are involved in supporting students through the enrolment process. Many students who attend, however, live independently. Staff from the unit and ELS work together respectfully to transition the student and their child into Eden Campus.

Students have access to high quality services that support their learning. They are well informed about the many services they can receive. The unit has a close relationship with Youthline and connects students to this provider for social, health and wellbeing concerns. An Auckland District Health Board nurse visits weekly and provides access to services relating to sexual health along with a range of health services.

Students are highly engaged in their learning. They set realistic goals to help them achieve success and reflect daily on their progress. High expectations for student attendance is promoted. There are many good examples at school to motivate students to attend and achieve.

Relationships with external partners

How well does this TPU work within their educational and community context to promote student outcomes?

Eden Campus has good working relationships with the host school, the ELS, Te Kura and external agencies.

Highly experienced staff at the ELS carefully manage relationships between the student and baby. On some occasions, the Trust for the ELS has provided support for students at Eden Campus. Youthline provides very good support for students’ social, health, wellbeing, housing and counselling needs.

3 Recommendations

What are the key next steps for this TPU?

ERO, the director and the host school principal and trustees agree on the following next steps. Leaders and teachers should continue to develop and strengthen:

  • the focus on careers and transition in order to increase student understanding and awareness of vocational pathways across the curriculum
  • processes to support the manger in her role as leader of the teen parent unit.

4 Conclusion

Eden Campus is a learning-centred environment where the concept of ‘education for all’ is embraced and honoured. Very effective leadership ensures a well-managed unit. Students benefit from teachers who are skilled in supporting them to achieve success. Students are highly engaged in their learning and have access to high quality services.

ERO is likely to carry out the next review in three years.

Violet Tu’uga Stevenson

Deputy Chief Review Officer Northern (Acting)

23 June 2017

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