Footprints Home Based Quality Childcare - 13/12/2013

1. The Education Review Office (ERO) Evaluation

Footprints is a home-based care service. It is licensed to provide care and education for a maximum of four children at a time, within a home environment. The service has been operating for five years and has recently moved to new premises. The home has been developed as a child-centred facility and the children can attend up to four days a week.

Children make good use of a wide range of resources and enjoy the experiences they receive within the attractive environment. The educator has developed the environment to support the needs and interests of children. Children are familiar with the centre’s routines and the educator has clear expectations for their behaviour.

When ERO visited, the children were settled, comfortable and well supported by the nurturing relationships they have with the educator. She supports their learning and development through positive and respectful conversations.

The licensee is the sole educator in the service and has responsibility for governance and management, as well as teaching and learning. The 2010 ERO report mentioned the potential for conflict between the various roles. The intention was that these roles would be separated as appropriate when the service expanded. This has not happened and the licensee has no formal strategies to ensure each role is managed effectively.

The educator acknowledges that since the ERO visit in 2010 some teaching and administration practices have lapsed. Practices such as documenting assessment and planning, and compliance with health and safety requirements have not been sustained.

ERO recommends that the owner seeks external support and to develop systems that ensure accountability in meeting requirements.

Future Action

ERO intends to return to the service within 12 months to evaluate the progress made in response to the recommendations in this report.

2. The Focus of the Review

All ERO education reviews in home-based care on the quality of education. For ERO this includes the quality of:

  • the programme provided for children
  • the learning environment
  • the interactions between children and adults.

The Quality of Education


When ERO visited the service the educator was caring for two children. The children showed a strong sense of belonging are were happy and settled. The educator focused on meeting the children’s needs and supporting their interests.

Children are familiar with the daily routines and the educator’s expectations for behaviour. They enjoy the opportunity to be involved in creating an attractive and interesting environment. They can choose from a wide range of good-quality resources. Children also benefit from music and visits into the community.

The educator supports children’s development and learning through positive interactions. She is respectful and responsive to children’s needs and preferences.

Areas for development and review

The licensee/educator acknowledges that since the last ERO review in 2010, some practices have not been sustained. These include:

  • assessment and planning
  • learning records and reporting to parents
  • self review
  • biculturalism.

3. Management Assurance on Compliance Areas


Before the review, the management and staff of Footprints Home Based Quality Childcare completed an ERO Home-Based Education and Care Assurance Statement and Self-Audit Checklist. In these documents they attested that they had taken all reasonable steps to meet their legal obligations related to:

  • curriculum standard
  • premises and facilities standard
  • health and safety practices standard
  • governance management and administration standard.

During the review, ERO checked the following items because they have a potentially high impact on outcomes for children:

  • emotional safety (including behaviour management, prevention of bullying and abuse)
  • physical safety (including behaviour management, sleeping and supervision practices; accidents and medication; hygiene and routines; travel and excursion policies and procedures)
  • staff qualifications and organisation
  • evacuation procedures and practices for fire and earthquake.

ERO is not confident that what the licensee has attested to in the Home-Based Assurance Statement is representative of current practices within the service. The licensee/educator acknowledges that there are significant gaps in documentation relating to learning, health and safety. There is no accountability from regular external support to ensure that documentation is accurate and systems are robust.

To comply with the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008, the licensee must:

  • develop a curriculum that is informed by assessment, planning and evaluation
  • share with parents specific evidence of their child’s learning
  • ensure equipment, premises, and facilities are regularly checked for hazards
  • ensure regular appraisal.

[Licensing for Home-based Education and Care Services 2008: C2, C12, HS1, HS11 and GMA6]

4. Recommendation

In order to address the areas for improvement ERO recommends ongoing external advice and guidance with the support of the Ministry of Education. ERO is not confident that the licensee/educator can bring about these changes independently.

5. Future Action

ERO intends to return to the service within 12 months to evaluate the progress made in response to the recommendations in this report.


Graham Randell

National Manager Review Services Southern Region

13 December 2013


About the Service


Te Anau

Ministry of Education profile number


Service type

Homebased Network

Licensed under

Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008

Service roll


Gender composition

Girls: 6

Boys: 4

Ethnic composition

NZ European/Pākehā




Review team on site

September 2013

Date of this report

13 December 2013

Most recent ERO report(s)

Education Review

August 2010