Jean Seabrook Memorial School - 21/06/2016


On the basis of the information obtained during the review, ERO considers that Jean Seabrook Memorial School meets the criteria for registration as a private school set out in the Education Act 1989.

1 Background

The Chief Review Officer has a statutory duty to report on the performance of private schools throughout New Zealand.

Section 35I of the Education Act 1989, requires the Education Review Office (ERO) to review fully registered private schools, and to report to the Ministry of Education on whether each school continues to meet the criteria for full registration.

2 Criteria for Registration

The school continues to meet the criteria for registration.

The school has an appropriate curriculum for teaching, learning and assessment. This curriculum is linked to the New Zealand Curriculum and suitably adapted to meet the needs of the students who attend this school. There is a strong focus on literacy and numeracy.

The teaching programme provides students with a variety of learning experiences within and beyond the school. It includes a good mix of individual, group and school-wide activities. Displays within the school show the creative ways teachers use the environment to support and promote learning.

Regular assessments undertaken by teachers and a range of specialists provide indepth information about students' progress and learning needs. Teachers and other staff use this information to help focus their teaching. Parents receive detailed reports on their children’s progress and achievement. The ultimate aim for most of the students is to raise their confidence and skills for learning so they can return to mainstream schools.

Teachers provide students with regular and well-focused tuition. Their teaching practices incorporate strategies proved to be effective when teaching students with specific learning disabilities. The low teacher-to-student ratios encourage greater individual support for students on a regular basis.

Teachers are skilled at providing individual and group teaching. The tuition teachers provide is well complemented by support staff and other specialists.

Teachers create a supportive learning environment which encourages students to take risks to extend their learning. They work collaboratively in an effort to be responsive to the varied learning needs of the students. Regular discussions ensure students’ needs are well met by staff.

The school’s staffing is suitable for the age range and year levels of students and the curriculum taught at the school. Teaching staff are registered with the Education Council and hold specific qualifications in relation to teaching students with specific learning difficulties. Teacher aides are well trained for the one-to-one work they do with students.

There is ongoing provision for professional development for teachers. Some timely improvements are being implemented to improve the robustness of the school’s appraisal process.

The school’s purpose-built facilities provide students with a good variety of indoor learning spaces. Recent earthquake strengthening has improved the safety of the school’s buildings. Premises are well maintained.

Teachers use a range of specialist equipment and resources to support students' learning.

The school’s managers have attested that they comply with the provisions of Section 35G in respect to their being fit and proper persons to manage the school.

3 Other Obligations

There are suitable systems in place for the school’s managing body to be assured that all of its other statutory obligations are met.

4 Conclusion

On the basis of the information obtained during the review, ERO considers that Jean Seabrook Memorial School meets the criteria for registration as a private school set out in the Education Act 1989. 

Lesley Patterson

Deputy Chief Review Officer Southern

21 June 2016

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Full Primary (Years 1 to 8)

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Boys 11; Girls 5

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May 2016

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21 June 2016

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