Mt Hobson Middle School - 25/06/2018


On the basis of the information obtained during the review, ERO considers that Mt Hobson Middle School meets the criteria for registration as a private school set out in the Education Act 1989.

1 Background

The Chief Review Officer has a statutory duty to report on the performance of private schools throughout New Zealand.

Section 35I of the Education Act 1989, requires the Education Review Office (ERO) to review fully registered private schools, and to report to the Ministry of Education on whether each school continues to meet the criteria for full registration.

This review report was prepared in accordance with standard procedures approved by the Chief Review Officer.

2 Criteria for Registration

Mt Hobson Middle School is a small, private school for Year 7 to 13 students. Villa Education Trust, its owner, provides students with suitable premises, staffing, equipment and standards of tuition. Students follow a suitable curriculum that is consistent with the principles and achievement expectations of The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC) and underpinned by Christian values. Well considered policies and procedures successfully guide school operations.

Students experience small classes and have opportunities for individual learning in a remodelled villa. The well maintained villa provides students with a choice of learning spaces to work in. Since the 2013 ERO review, the trust has opened two other schools, in South and West Auckland. Students at Mt Hobson Middle School now have opportunities to interact with a larger group of students across the three schools for sporting and cultural events.

The school’s strong philosophy, reinforced by its core values, has a positive influence on school operations. Respectful relationships at all levels of the school provide a foundation for successful teaching and learning. Students benefit from the positive and influential interactions they have with other students and adults.

The broad Year 7 to 10 curriculum provides students with a balance of structured class teaching and independent project work. Community facilities and resources such as libraries, museums, galleries and sports facilities are used by students for their learning. Students are able to apply their learning in practical contexts, including opportunities that provide service for different communities, in New Zealand and overseas.

From 2016 onwards, students are able to continue their Year 11 to 13 studies at the school. For 2018, five students and their families have decided to do this. They are joined in a National Certificates of Educational Achievement (NCEA) recognised programme by other students, some of whom have affiliations to the West and South Auckland Schools. The programme is in the process of being reviewed so that the school can optimise teaching programmes to cater for students’ different learning pathways.

The principal, supported by an experienced teacher in a learning coach role, maintain high expectations for student progress, achievement and wellbeing. Staff have a shared commitment to supporting the successful transition of individual students through, and beyond the school.

Teachers are suitably qualified and experienced. Appraisal processes help teachers to reflect on the effectiveness of their teaching. Teachers use achievement information to modify their practice to suit the requirements of diverse and capable learners. They use relevant assessment tools to gauge students' ongoing progress and achievement and develop individual based plans (IBPs) that inform teaching and learning practice. Parents and whānau receive regular reports about how well their children are achieving and engaging in learning.

Students are well supported to be responsible for their learning. They know the purpose of lessons. Classroom spaces, including specialist rooms for science and technology, are suitably resourced. Students have ready access to digital devices to support their learning.

Good systems are in place to sustain the effective management of the premises and to ensure health and safety requirements are met. The school’s managers have attested that they comply with the provisions of Section 35G in respect to their being fit and proper persons to manage the school.

3 Other Obligations

Good systems are in place to enable the school’s managing body to be assured that its other statutory obligations are met.

4 Other Matters

Provision for international students

The school is a signatory to the Education (Pastoral Care of International Students) Code of Practice 2016 (the Code) established under section 238F of the Education Act 1989. The school has attested that it complies with all aspects of the Code.

At the time of this review there were three international students attending the school.

International students are well cared for and experience programmes that are suited to their learning and wellbeing. The school’s monitoring system for international students is effectively administered. The board receives annual reports about the quality of education provided for international students, their care and how well they are progressing and achieving.

5 Conclusion

On the basis of the information obtained during the review, ERO considers that Mt Hobson Middle School meets the criteria for registration as a private school set out in the Education Act 1989.

Julie Foley

Deputy Chief Review Officer Northern (Acting)

Te Tai Raki - Northern Region

25 June 2018

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Remuera, Auckland

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Composite (Years 1 to 15)

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Gender composition

Boys 34 Girls 20

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Cook Islands Māori
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June 2018

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25 June 2018

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