Nurture In-Home Childcare (45364) - 28/09/2012

1 The Education Review Office (ERO) Evaluation

Nurture In-Home Childcare (45364) is a private home-based education and care network established in December 2010. There is a clearly defined management structure and also well established administrative systems including advice and guidance to support educators and families. This network is part of three networks that cover the Waikato region. The service aims to support, educate and empower children and their family to learn in a home-like environment.

Each network consists of qualified and experienced mentoring teachers who provide guidance and support for educators and their families. They regularly visit children in care and provide educators with sound advice and guidance about child development and ways to extend children’s interests. Mentoring teachers also work closely with each other and with the lead mentoring teacher to ensure they provide a consistent service across the region.

There are three forms of childcare provided by the service. Families can choose an option that best meets their specific needs and circumstances. These options include:

  • nanny care (koru care) where the family employs an educator
  • volunteer care (koha care) where people donate their time on a regular basis to assist families to care for their children
  • home-based childcare (kete care) where children are cared for in the educator’s home.

Educators have established positive relationships with the children and their families. They know the children well and are responsive to their individual care needs. Children’s emotional development is fostered through these warm and respectful relationships which create a positive climate for learning.

Children can actively participate alongside their educators and parents in a wide range of organised playgroups and outings. These provide children with opportunities to socialise with others and for educators and families to network with one another.

The service management has identified, and ERO agree, that the next steps for ongoing development are to increase educators’ awareness and understanding of the curriculum, and to continue to develop the service’s self-review practices.

Future Action

ERO is confident that the service is being managed in the interest of the children. Therefore ERO will review the service again within three years.

2 The Focus of the Review

All ERO education reviews in early childhood focus on the quality of education. For ERO this includes the quality of:

  • the programme provided for children
  • the learning environment
  • the interactions between children and adults.

The Quality of Education


The service is overseen by qualified and experienced mentoring teachers who work across all three networks. They have a shared vision for a service that provides a family environment where children feel valued and able to develop to their full potential. This is the first Education Review for this service.

Areas of good performance

Relationships: Relationships at all levels are positive, caring, supportive and respectful. Educators know the children in their care well and work in partnership with families to support children’s holistic development. Educators individualise children’s care needs and involve themselves in their play, supporting children’s social development. Mentoring teachers have established trusting relationships with both educators and families. Children’s sense of belonging and emotional well-being is nurtured in these caring home environments.

Learning in the wider community: A strength of the service is the rich opportunities for children to learn in the wider community. They experience meaningful learning through outings to places of interest such as parks, playgroups, shops and planned trips. Children are able to interact with others and make sense of the world around them.

Service support: Educators, children and their families benefit from the support provided by the service. Strengths include:

  • regular visits from mentoring teachers who provide sound guidance and advice
  • playgroups, music groups and regular farm visits
  • administration support for families, that includes the provision of family support and policy and procedural guidelines to guide the effective operation of the service.

Leadership and management: The service directors, lead mentoring teacher and mentoring teachers provide effective management and leadership for the service. They have established strategic and annual planning that is focused on ongoing service development. Management and mentoring teachers are knowledgeable and experienced and are committed to providing quality education and care for children in a home-like environment.

Areas for development and review

Self review: While the service has some effective self-review processes these could be further developed. Service management has identified, and ERO agrees that the next steps for ongoing development are to:

  • monitor how effectively mentoring teachers empower educators in their roles
  • review how the service can better support children’s access to quality educational resources while in care
  • build on the services recent initiative of developing educators’ awareness and understanding of Te Whāriki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum.

3 Management Assurance on Compliance Areas


Before the review, the management and staff of Nurture In-Home Childcare completed an ERO Home-Based Education and Care Assurance Statement and Self-Audit Checklist. In these documents they attested that they had taken all reasonable steps to meet their legal obligations related to:

  • curriculum standard
  • premises and facilities standard
  • health and safety practices standard
  • governance management and administration standard.

During the review, ERO checked the following items because they have a potentially high impact on outcomes for children:

  • emotional safety (including behaviour management, prevention of bullying and abuse)
  • physical safety (including behaviour management, sleeping and supervision practices; accidents and medication; hygiene and routines; travel and excursion policies and procedures)
  • staff qualifications and organisation
  • evacuation procedures and practices for fire and earthquake.

ERO's investigations did not identify any areas of concern.

4 Recommendations

ERO and the service provider agree that:

  • the service directors, lead mentoring teacher and mentoring teachers continue to develop self-review practices to monitor and evaluate the quality of education and care.

5 Future Action

ERO is confident that the service is being managed in the interest of the children. Therefore ERO will review the service again within three years.

Makere Smith

National Manager Review Services

Northern Region (Acting)

28 September 2012

About the Service



Ministry of Education profile number


Licence type

Home-Based Care

Licensed under

Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008

Service roll


Gender composition

Girls 25

Boys 23

Ethnic composition

NZ European/Pākehā NZ






Review team on site

August 2012

Date of this report

28 September 2012

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