Taulapapa Leata Su'a Aoga Amata - 20/08/2013

1 Background


A Supplementary Review is undertaken at the discretion of a National Manager, Review Services in the Education Review Office (ERO).

A supplementary review evaluates the extent and effectiveness of actions a centre has taken towards addressing issues specified in a previous education review and/or any additional areas identified since that review.

Terms of Reference

This supplementary review is based on an evaluation of the performance of the Taulapapa Leata Su'a Aoga Amata governing body and management in relation to areas identified in the June 2012 ERO report or issues identified since that review. The terms of reference for this review are to investigate:

  • the programme provided for children
  • self review
  • community engagement, including partnerships with whānau
  • governance and management processes
  • health and safety practices.

2 Evaluation Findings


Taulapapa Leata Su’a Aoga Amata provides care and education for up to 50 children from six months to five years of age within a fa’a Samoa and Christian context. It operates within the grounds of Henderson South School, and comes under the management structure of the Taulapapa Leata Su’a Aoga Amata Trust board. A centre manager is responsible for the daily management of the aoga and a head teacher is responsible for the learning programme.

The 2012 ERO report noted the positive tone of the programme provided for children. However the report recommended that the quality of learning experiences, programme planning and assessment systems, community engagement and centre governance and management all be improved.

This review finds very good progress has been made in all these areas. The centre is now much better placed to promote positive outcomes for children.

Areas of progress

Effective leadership is a significant factor in contributing to the improvements in the centre. The centre manager has developed an environment of trust where staff work as a team and contribute to decisions made in the centre. Staff are open to change and value and respect the leadership that the manager provides. The centre ensures that teachers have a common understanding of the vision for the centre and about expectations for their professional practice.

The manager and staff have made good use of external facilitators to guide improvements to the programme and teaching practice. Teachers are planning programmes based on children’s strengths and emerging interests. As a result, children are learning in meaningful ways and are well engaged in the programme.

Indoor and outdoor learning environments are inviting and children are able to access resources independently to support their play. The learning environment encourages children to be literacy and numeracy aware. Learning areas are well defined and are arranged to enable a flow of play between the indoor and outdoor environments.

Children enjoy warm and friendly conversations with adults and are active participants. All teachers use the Samoan language consistently and have an expectation that children will learn and use the language themselves. Teachers support and gently encourage children in speaking Samoan.

Partnerships with parents, families, whānau and aiga have been strengthened. The centre manager communicates effectively with parents and encourages them to take an active role in their children’s learning. The centre is welcoming to all children and their families.

The manager has sought external support to improve governance and management practices. Staff are developing good administration and self-review systems to guide the centre operations. Strategic and annual plans are now in place and are supporting future directions for the board and staff. The next step is to share these plans with parents.

Areas for further improvement

The centre manager and ERO agree that areas for further improvement include the manager and staff:

  • continuing to develop programme planning, and building on teachers’ subject knowledge and current learning theories
  • strengthening opportunities for children to solve problems and experiment in their play
  • continuing to develop self-review systems to support ongoing improvements in the centre
  • refining systems for monitoring the health and safety practices in the centre.

Next ERO Review

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Graham Randell

National Manager Review Services Northern Region (Acting)

20 August 2013

Information about the Service


Henderson, Auckland

Ministry of Education profile number


Licence type

Education & Care Service

Licensed under

Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008

Number licensed for

50 children, including up to 10 aged under 2

Service roll


Gender composition

Boys 23

Girls 12

Ethnic composition



Cook Island Māori










Percentage of qualified teachers


Review team on site

June 2013

Date of this report

20 August 2013

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