Improvement In Action Te Ahu Whakamua

Building capability – Otumoetai Intermediate School

We talk about growing teachers in our school.

The focus on driving and sustaining improvement in outcomes in this school involves solution seeking processes typified by innovation and whole school participation. The principal describes the approach that supports this ongoing activity as more entrepreneurial than hierarchical.

This video illustrates

Domain 2: Leadership for equity and excellence

Evaluation indicator

  • Leadership promotes and participates in teacher learning and development

This video also illustrates

Domain 5: Professional capability and collective capacity

Evaluation indicators

  • A strategic and coherent approach to human resource management builds professional capability and collective capacity
  • Systematic, collaborative inquiry processes and challenging professional learning opportunities align with the school vision goals and targets
  • Organisational structures, processes and practices enable and sustain collaborative learning and decision making

Key content

  • There is an unrelenting focus on the quality of teaching and student outcomes
  • The culture emphasises continual improvement and learning from one another
  • Professional learning and solution seeking is research and evidence based
  • Systems and processes are designed to encourage full participation and equity of contribution

Things to think about

  • What processes in your school support a coherent and systematic approach to building professional capability?
  • What might you do more of?   What might you do less of?