Improvement In Action Te Ahu Whakamua

Caring collaborative inclusive learning communities - Invercargill Middle School

We help others without taking over.  We let them have their time to learn.

Students and teachers contribute to, and work in, a supportive learning environment characterized by manaakitanga and whanaungatanga.

This video illustrates

Domain 4: Responsive curriculum, effective teaching and opportunity to learn

Evaluation indicator

  • Students participate and learn in caring, collaborative, inclusive learning communities

Key content

  • Students articulate their understandings of manaakitanga and whanaungatanga and the importance of everyone’s opportunity to learn.
  • Opportunity to participate through rituals and routines supports active engagement and learning
  • Students support one another in their learning more to reciprocal learning relationships

Things to think about

  • How well do your classroom environments support opportunities to learn?
  • How aware are your students of the learning relationships they have with one another?