Improvement In Action Te Ahu Whakamua

Māori succeeding as Māori – Rotorua Boys High School

Once Māori feel safe and comfortable in the environment they can really do anything.

A school principal talks about how he works with his school community to develop an environment where Māori learners are supported and can succeed as Māori. Māori parents talk about their own and their sons’ experiences at this school and a senior Māori student talks about how Māori feel safe, are acknowledged and set up for success.

This video illustrates

Domain 2: Leadership for equity and excellence

Evaluation indicator

  • Leadership ensures an orderly and supportive environment that is conducive to student learning and wellbeing

Key content

  • For schools and systems to better serve Māori students there must be deliberate actions to effect change
  • “There is no one ‘right way’, there are lots of right ways”
  • Cultural relationships are observed, understood and respected
  • Teacher positioning has shifted together with a deeper sense of knowing individual learners and their potential
  • Pathways to achievement are progressive and made visible to learners
  • “Now it feels normal, it feels as if this is just how we are here”

Things to think about

  • How do your Māori students and their whānau view the school environment?
  • How do you know?