Improvement In Action Te Ahu Whakamua

Modern learning environments – Stonefields School

I just thought it would be chaos…eighty children and a few teachers in the one space…but it isn’t chaos at all.

The Modern Learning Environment requires practices and behaviours of both teachers and learners to that optimise the potential of the flexible learning spaces and digital tools.

This video illustrates

Domain 4: Responsive curriculum, effective teaching and opportunity to learn

Evaluation indicator

  • Students have effective, sufficient and equitable opportunities to learn

Key content

  • “We have to be more intentional about getting to know the learner”
  • Multiple teachers provides more opportunity for each child to have at least one significant adult
  • Learners are deliberately ‘multi-leveled’ and teachers work across year levels
  • Teachers typically staying with a cohort for longer than a single year deepens their understanding of each learner
  • Digital enablement requires teachers to move to be “that provocateur, that person who helps to shift knowing to deep levels of understanding” 

Things to think about

  • What are the elements of ‘knowing the learner’?
  • Are there steps could we take to deepen our knowledge?