Improvement In Action Te Ahu Whakamua

Progressions – Stonefields School

The progressions really help learn because then we can independently form our new goals and know what our next steps are.

Students and teachers describe how they use ‘learning progressions’ to build students assessment capabilities and teachers opportunities to be responsive to learner needs.

This video illustrates

Domain 4: Responsive curriculum, effective teaching and opportunity to learn

Evaluation indicator

  • Assessment for learning develops students’ assessment and learning-to-learn capabilities

Key content

  • Learners can record and see learning steps as a continuum rather than a list
  • Progressions are used to make learning visible to all including parents
  • Teachers can group students and design appropriate learning in a more flexible and responsive way

Things to think about

  • How well do our learners and their family and whānau understand their learning and next steps?