Improvement In Action Te Ahu Whakamua

Student feedback: observing the teacher – Otumoetai Intermediate School

They’re going to tell you what they are seeing from a student perspective.  They’re going to be honest about what you think you are doing is actually what you are doing.

Student Learning Leaders learn how to undertake structured classroom observations focused on teaching and learning. The students and staff discuss the process and its impact.

This video illustrates 

Domain 2: Leadership for equity and excellence

Evaluation indicators

  • Leadership builds relational trust and effective collaboration at every level of the school community
  • Leadership ensures effective planning, coordination and evaluation of the school’s curriculum and teaching

Key content

  • Students receive training in carrying out a structured observation
  • They elicit responses to classroom practices from other students
  • ‘Findings’ are shared with the teacher
  • Students appreciate that their teachers are open to learning and improving  their practice and develop their own understanding of learning processes

Things to think about

  • Do your students have a real influence on the quality of education provision in your school?
  • How might you better support them to do that?