Improvement In Action Te Ahu Whakamua

“The equal of everybody” – McAuley High School

They drive it into you that you are going somewhere in life. It’s important to have that hope.

Driven by the conviction that everybody can achieve, leaders and teachers seek to overcome barriers to equity and excellence experienced by individual students. 

This video illustrates

Domain 2: Leadership for equity and excellence

Evaluation indicator

  • Leadership collaboratively develops and pursues the school’s vision, goals and targets for equity and excellence

Key content

  • The school engages directly with students and their families to explain “What is it that successful students do”
  • Senior students and former students act as role models in setting high expectations
  • Trustees ensure that all students have equitable access to required resources such as stationary and uniforms
  • Leadership creates a school community in which deficit assumptions based on social and economic positioning, ethnicity, or gender being the determiner of ultimate success are directly challenged

Things to think about

  • How well is the vision of equity and excellence for every learner enacted in your school?